These Iconic TV Besties Were Friendship Goals – But Hugs Turned To Hate When The Cameras Were Off

No matter what’s happening behind the scenes, the show must go on. That’s the attitude these 20 actors took, even though they seriously didn’t get along with their co-stars. Whenever you re-watch these shows, keep an eye out for the body language. Because even the best performers in the world can’t always hide their dislike. So who did we think liked each other, when in fact they didn’t? Some are going to surprise you for sure…

20. B.A. Baracus and Hannibal, The A-Team

They may have been members of the same (A) team, but George Peppard and Mr. T weren’t remotely friends. Peppard took exception to Mr. T being paid more than him, and things deteriorated from there. And Peppard made no secret about his dislike either. In 1987 he told journalist Terry Wogan all about it.

During that interview Peppard claimed that Mr. T had tried to get some of the crew members fired, which Peppard himself had objected to. He revealed, “It did irritate me. I didn’t speak to him for 16 weeks.” But he added, “We got over that and we went about the show. The show comes first.”

19. Blair and Serena, Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl’s Blair and Serena were always good friends, no matter what obstacles life threw at them. Unfortunately the actresses concerned, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, were pretty much the opposite. There wasn’t any outright hostility, at least none that anyone knows of – they were just such different personalities that they never saw eye-to-eye.

According to an “insider” who spoke to the National Enquirer newspaper in 2010, “They don’t even acknowledge each other when they’re not in a scene together. Leighton thinks Blake is an egomaniac who views her time on the TV set as slumming.” Blake’s publicist contributed to the story with, “Blake and Leighton have never been best friends and never professed to be.” Well, that about sums it up.


18. Beckett and Castle, Castle

For those who enjoyed the relationship between Kate Beckett and Rick Castle on Castle, they soon ran out of luck. Actors Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion did not like each other at all. In 2016 an insider even told Us Weekly magazine, “Katic and Fillion completely despise each other. They will not speak when they are off set, and this has been going on for seasons now.”

Katic was fired from her role after eight seasons of Castle, but then the show was cancelled anyway. In 2018 the actress told Entertainment Weekly magazine, “I’m actually still not clear on the thought process behind the way that it went down. It hurt and it was a harsh ending.” Was Fillion part of it? We’ll probably never know.


17. Prue and Phoebe, Charmed

When Shannen Doherty left Charmed, rumors spread that it was because of her co-star Alyssa Milano. And without naming names, Doherty implied in the media that that was exactly the reason. She even said that she would miss her other co-star Holly Marie Combs but didn’t mention Milano whatsoever.

Milano herself admitted to Entertainment Weekly in 2001 that she and Doherty hadn’t gotten along. She said, “I think it’s hard when you put… two very different people together.” But they actually made up in the end. When Doherty was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, the actresses put the past behind them.


16. Kirk and Sulu, Star Trek

Star Trek preached messages of unity and compassion, but even then all the actors didn’t get along. Surprise, surprise! William Shatner and George Takei in particular disliked each other. In 2008 Shatner even posted a bizarre rant against Takei on his YouTube channel, apparently because he hadn’t been invited to the other man’s wedding.

The feud continues to this day. In 2020 Takei slammed Shatner on David Tennant’s podcast and said Star Trek had sometimes felt like, “William Shatner against the world.” He added that, “some actors seem to feel that it’s a one-man show.” Shatner turned to Twitter and angrily posted, “George needs a new hobby. Now he’s making things up.”


15. Elena and Stefan, The Vampire Diaries

To the horror of Vampire Diaries fans everywhere, Elena Gilbert actress Nina Dobrev admitted in 2019 that she wasn’t actually friends with her on-screen lover Paul Wesley aka Stefan Salvatore. Or rather, not at first. They’re actually good buddies now, but there was a time when they definitely weren’t.

Dobrev told the Directionally Challenged podcast, “Paul and I didn’t get along at the beginning of the show. I respected Paul Wesley, I didn’t like Paul Wesley.” People would ask her if they were dating in real life, she said, because “we despised each other so much that it read as love.”


14. McDreamy and Burke, Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy stars Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington were absolutely, positively not friends off camera. In fact in 2006 media outlets started reporting that the two had gotten into a literal brawl on the set, with Washington grabbing Dempsey by the throat. Why? Apparently over the issue of people being late for work.

Things only got worse the following year. In 2007 it came out that Washington had allegedly used a homophobic slur while fighting with Dempsey, and their fellow star T.R. Knight believed it was directed at him. Washington was fired from the show and blamed Dempsey for the whole crisis. It was a very messy, very public fallout.


13. Lorelai and Luke, Gilmore Girls

You probably wouldn’t have guessed it looking at Lorelai and Luke, but Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson didn’t much like each other during some of Gilmore Girls. Graham pretty much confirmed it during a 2005 interview with TV Guide magazine, though she remained professional about it.

When pressed about her relationship with her co-star, Graham said, “It’s fine. I think these characters have a great chemistry and that does mirror our chemistry as people. We’re not intimates. We talk kind of how we talk [on the show]. We work well together.” Asked “But you’re not best friends?” Graham said “No,” and then paused before adding, “It’s a very happy set.”


12. Sabrina and Kris, Charlie’s Angels

Kate Jackson didn’t get along at all with her Charlie’s Angels co-star Cheryl Ladd. It seems the age-old problem of television casting reared its head: one of them considered that the other was upstaging her. Jackson considered that she was the star of Charlie’s Angels and didn’t want Ladd angling for that position. Her husband confirmed as much to People magazine in 1979.

Ladd for her part seems to have adopted a “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” attitude. She remained good friends with her other co-star Jaclyn Smith, but when the two were asked about Jackson by the Daily Express newspaper in 2017 she answered, “Kate’s complex – let’s leave it at that.”


11. The Ninth Doctor and Jack, Doctor Who

Their Doctor Who characters were friends – and shared the first ever same-sex kiss on the show — but there’s no love lost between Christopher Eccleston and John Barrowman. In 2008 Barrowman told the Daily Record newspaper, “Chris was always grumpy. You don’t always have to be intense. There comes a point when intensity makes you miserable – I think that was the case with Chris.”

Although Eccleston never responded to Barrowman’s claims, perhaps he had his reasons for being so miffed during filming. Because he’s been pretty open about falling out with management on the Doctor Who set. He told the Radio Times magazine in March 2018, “My relationship with my three immediate superiors – the showrunner, the producer and co-producer – broke down irreparably during the first block of filming and it never recovered.”


10. Janeway and Seven of Nine, Star Trek: Voyager

Everyone on the Star Trek: Voyager set knew there was tension between Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan. Allegedly there was an occasion when Mulgrew even objected to Ryan using the bathroom, amid claims her Seven of Nine make-up took too long to get out of. But come 2018 Mulgrew actually admitted to bad behavior herself.

Mulgrew told Women’s World magazine about the feud, “Let’s be very straight about something. This is on me, not Jeri. She came in and did what she was asked to do. No question about that, and she did it very well. It’s on me, because I’d hoped against hope that Janeway would be sufficient. That we didn’t have to bring a beautiful, sexy girl in.” She added, “I probably should have comported myself better.”


9. Kelly and Brenda, Beverly Hills, 90210

Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth are friends now, which is surprising when you consider they almost fought each other on the set of Beverly Hills, 90210. Garth said on a 2019 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that it started when Doherty “pulled her skirt up,” but a security guard got in between them.

Garth remembered, “We were young and so stupid… I’m a midwestern girl and I spent some time in Glendale, Arizona, and that makes me tough.” But all that’s over and done with now. Because In 2015 when Doherty was diagnosed with cancer, Garth wrote on Instagram, “I used to be threatened by your spirit, now I’m in awe of it.”


8. David and Maddie, Moonlighting

David and Maddie, aka Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, captivated audiences with their will-they-won’t-they romance. But offscreen it was definitely a “won’t.” The two actors mutually loathed each other and could barely even stand to be in the same room. Shepherd admitted to it in a 2005 interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Shepherd said, “It’s hard to do a show and keep your relationships with everybody. I remember at one point in the show, it had gotten to where we just hated each other.” To this day rumor has it that the main reason Willis and Shepherd fell out was because they had an affair which went sour.


7. Buffy and Willow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer presented some great female friendships, and one of these was Sarah Michelle Gellar’s – and Alyson Hannigan’s – Buffy and Willow. But the actresses were never close, even while the show was still going on. They didn’t even invite each other to their respective weddings – and in Hannigan’s case she married an actor she actually met on Buffy, Alexis Denisof.

The pair aren’t at each other’s throats, but they’re definitely distant. In 2013 Hannigan went on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. And she was asked, “Who was the most annoyed to be on Buffy the Vampire Slayer by the end of the show’s run?” Hannigan responded, “Sarah” – and according to her she’d been “annoyed” since season three. Later on, she said the two of them were barely in contact.


6. Susan and the other housewives, Desperate Housewives

Unfortunately Teri Hatcher, the actress for Susan, was not super popular on the Desperate Housewives set. There were claims of diva-like behavior – Hatcher allegedly considered herself the lead of the show, according to the website Insider. And Apparently Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, Nicolette Sheridan and Marcia Cross all took umbrage.

Cross, for instance, allegedly stormed off set because of Hatcher’s angling to always pick her wardrobe first. And Longoria has claimed – on the record – that Huffman protected her from a bully on the set, although she won’t say who. Then there’s the unconfirmed story, reported by Vulture, about none of the Housewives leaving Hatcher a present at the end of filming.


5. Paige and Phoebe, Charmed

Charmed, it seems, was a pretty troubled production all round. After Shannen Doherty left the show, Rose McGowan was brought in to replace her. She and Alyssa Milano’s character Phoebe were supposed to be sisters, but apparently there was nothing sisterly about the relationship offscreen. McGowan had a whole Twitter outburst in 2020 about Milano.

In an expletive-laced post, McGowan claimed that Milano exhibited “appalling behavior on the daily” and added, “I cried every time we got renewed because you made that set toxic AF.” Milano later left a tweet reading only, “Hurt people hurt people. Empowered people empower people. Loved people love people.”


4. Carrie and Samantha, Sex and the City

The feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall has been going on for a long time now. At first they tried to deny it, but before long the truth was out. In October 2017 Cattrall told Piers Morgan on the show Life Stories that Parker “could have been nicer” and she’d “never been friends” with her.

Then in 2018 Cattrall wrote a biting Instagram post to Parker, saying, “Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now…You are not my family. You are not my friend.” When a revival of Sex and the City was announced in 2021, Cattrall was not among the cast.


3. Dorothy and Rose, The Golden Girls

Sometimes on The Golden Girls Bea Arthur’s Dorothy would snap “Oh shut up Rose!” at Betty White’s character. And well, she might have done a similar thing in real life too. In September 2017 Arthur’s son Matthew Saks told Closer magazine about how his mother never got along with White.

Saks told the magazine, “My mom unknowingly carried the attitude that it was fun to have somebody to be angry at.” He added, “I think she felt she was more of an actress than Betty. Mom came from Broadway. Betty starred on a game show at one point.” White was well aware that her co-star didn’t like her. Oh well.


2. Kalinda and Alicia, The Good Wife

It used to be the case that if co-stars were at war, they’d just have to grit their teeth and go on set together anyway. Not so in the modern day. After Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi fell out during The Good Wife, the SFX people simply used split screens to make it look like they were in the same room. Because they weren’t!

To their credit, Panjabi and Maguiles have kept quiet about what exactly caused their feud. But their co-star Alan Cummings has quipped about the situation. In 2019 Us Weekly magazine mentioned to him that fans would love to see Kalinda and Alicia reunite. He laughed and said, “Good luck with that.”


1. Mulder and Scully, The X Files

One of television’s favorite ever couples didn’t always get along? Fraid so. David Duchovny told the Metro newspaper in 2008 that he and Gillian Anderson weren’t exactly friends. He said, “Familiarity breeds contempt. It’s nothing to do with the other person. We used to argue about nothing. We couldn’t stand the sight of each other.”

Gillian Anderson feels – or felt – the same way. In 2018 she told the media at a Fox Studios event, “I don’t know much about David Duchovny. If you asked me ten things about him I’d probably get nine of them wrong… We were never close.” But she did say they “appreciate and respect each other.”